About us

For over fifty years the Bruchi family has transported goods with reliable, affordable efficiency.

Our small, family-owned and -operated trucking company was established in 1959 when brothers Cesare and Italo Bruchi had one of the few cars in their rural village.

They started by providing taxi service for their county but demand for their prompt and dependable service quickly grew, and before long they expanded their services and purchased a small truck.

Soon they were providing overnight delivery service from their local farmers to the fruit and vegetables markets in Florence, Pisa, and Genoa.

piaggio anni 60Then in the early 1960s, with demand for Vespas booming worldwide, the Bruchi brothers once again expanded and started delivering scooters from the Vespa factory to dealers all over Europe, then returning to the factory in Pontedera with trucks full of scooter components. Their relationship with Piaggio, Vespa's parent company, and the factory continues to this day.

In 2009 the second generation of Bruchi brothers, Aldo and Alberto, took over the company, continuing to provide reliable trucking-moving services for a wide range of clients. However, the company's focus is broader today, shaped by the changing economy and international business experience of the elder Bruchi brother, Alberto.

He lived in NYC for a decade where he established and ran Scooter Bottega, a still prosperous scooter dealership and repair shop specializing in vintage Italian scooters.

While based in New York, Alberto would come to Italy three or four times each year to hunt, purchase, transport, and ship (in containers or crates) vintage vehicles to the seaport in Newark, New Jersey, where he would personally receive the shipment, clear customs, and transport the goods back to his shop in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Thanks to this wonderful experience Alberto learned (among many other interesting things) all about the export and import of vintage vehicles according to Italian laws and American Customs, DOT and DMV regulations. He has since brought this knowledge home and put it to good use for Bruchi Transport, navigating the bewildering maze of international shipping on behalf of its clients.

No job is too small or too big for us!

Fields in which we operate:

  • Civil
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Building
  • Public
  • Private

We carry out local, national, international and intercontinental transport.

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